Discover Gedung Merdeka's Past, from a Business Owned by Chinese to the Site of the Asian-African Conference

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Gedung Merdeka.  (
Gedung Merdeka. (

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – It is true that the Gedung Merdeka on Asia Afrika street in Bandung has some obscure writings that not many people are likely to understand.

The majority of the populace is aware of the Gedung Merdeka's history and that it was only used once, in 1955, during the Asia-Africa Conference.

One of the most significant events in the world is the Asian-African Conference, which takes place in Bandung, Indonesia, and attracts significant attention on a global scale.

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The following is an excerpt from the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture regarding the history of the Merdeka Building:

A Business Owned by Chinese People

Initially, locals of Chinese descent owned Gedung Merdeka as a store. In addition, the Societeit Concordia association, a Dutch organization founded in 1879, purchased this structure in 1895 and extended it.

The building was extensively renovated in 1921 by architects Van Gallen Last and C.P. Wolff Schoemaker using a functional and structure-focused art deco design.

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The most opulent, comprehensive, exclusive, and contemporary "super club" conference hall with space for 1,200 guests was created in this building at the time.

The architect Ir. A.F. Aalbers designed a new structure that was constructed on the east side of the old structure in 1940, and it is still standing today. This structure was converted into a cultural center (Keimin Bunka Shidoso) and a gathering spot known as Dai Toa Kaikan during the Japanese occupation.

This structure served as the headquarters for Indonesian teenagers fighting the stubborn Japanese army after Japan was defeated by the allies.


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